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Angie’s Nest is an experience! 


About Angie’s Nest:

About Angie’s Nest:

From head to toe, and even in between, there is something for almost everyone! Our services range from most hair care essentials to all hair removal needs. Also, here at Angie’s Nest, we believe there’s power in providing you with the knowledge that would catapult you into our culture of teamwork. We will do work together as one team to yield the results you desire!


Established in 2020, Angie’s Nest serves everyone from the communities surrounding Cleveland County, North Carolina. Currently located in Grover, NC, we pride ourselves on building genuine, long lasting relationships, which begun the moment you entered our sacred, safe, and serene environment. 


Our love for what we do makes this all possible.


Treat yourself today and experience services with Angie’s Nest; an environment where your body, mind, and soul ARE guaranteed to find rest.


-Angie’s Nest


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