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Meet ellysia

the owner

Ellysia’s Bio

About the owner, from the eyes of her dad:

“Her name is Ellysia Danielle Burrus, a beloved daughter and sister. Nandi- preferably nicknamed by her father is currently- a salon owner, cosmetology instructor, and devoted daughter and sister. She gives her all at Angie’s Nest, her salon appropriately named after her mother where she strives for client excellency. Her goal is to build a bigger salon, bigger clientele, and to make her clients happy. Her greatest accomplishments in my eyes are: impressively passing the state boards in Raleigh, NC, opening a salon in Grover, NC, and going back to school to obtain her bachelor's degree. An interesting thing about Ellysia that I know is her stubborn attitude gives her a boost of energy to obtain any of her goals. Anyone around Ellysia will be greatly influenced by her efforts.”

-Harry Lee,

(Dad of the owner)

Ellysia’s Bio

From the owner:

“God is the head of my life; I owe all that I am to Him, including Angie’s Nest! Angie’s Nest is a thriving salon providing quality services. I am a licensed professional excited about educating people about hair, nails, and skin! I have served Cleveland county as a cosmetologist since 2017 and a cosmetology instructor since 2019. I have provided hair, nail, and skin services for over half of my life and look forward to providing services for the rest of my life. 


I vow to be my best and do what is best!”


-Ellysia Danielle Burrus,

Angie’s Nest owner

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